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Chelsea A Rollins


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Chelsea A. Rollins

Owner and Founder


AAS Business Management

BBS Business Science


I'm currently back home in Detroit, MI.


 I have traveled and lived all over the country. I started off by joining the US Army at 17 years old, which gave me exceptional skills and opportunities. I served for 5 years as light wheel vehicle mechanic.


 With my rich history living in the motor city, growing up in my family's muscle car restoration shop, and my overall love of cars, the field I chose in the Army was right for me. The Army gave me the opportunity to pursue a college degree in Business Management which I used to open my first business the Ambrias Company, now Ambrias Ink.


  I've been in business for myself for over 10 years with only one vision that drives me, "Help others; pass on the knowledge you have learned with the experience and skills you have."


 I have a eye and sense for things that gives me the ability to see things that others will miss or not understand fully, depth and meaning.


 These skills make my experience soar in the following life endeavors: photography, writing, marketing, advertising, web design, business management, real estate, consulting, market/product testing, to name just a few.


 Please take a look at some of my work history and most importantly examples of my work below. I would love to hear from you! Have a question or see a typo please let me know. Thank you!



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